My first show was at Pop and Scott’s on December 8th 2016

Duality: The state of having two parts or aspects.
Dichotomy: A separation or contrast between two things.

These paintings are representations of thoughts on duality and were, predominantly, composed without any conscious research. I started painting freely and unconsciously until I began to paint moments I had personally experienced or witnessed, it was then I noticed a pattern in my own thinking. I realised just how often I see, or try to see, both sides of the coin and the two sides of every discussion. I see broken people who ought to be celebrated for their vulnerability and, through the painting process, recognised my personal desire for stability yet my need to be constantly moving forward. And, finally, while I continue to see us all as unique individuals I started to think more about humanity’s common thread and how, no matter how different we are, we all share similar human needs. We are all two states of being in every sense. The paintings you see are how I chose to document these moments (with a tidy mind) and in the only way I know how (with a punk heart) – though the language I best understand: line, shape and colour.

Pop & Scott Showroom  27a Hayes Street, Northcote.


My fascination with people and how they interact with their surroundings is what drives both my art and my career.

Through my work as a User Experience Designer I investigate, and then document, other people’s thoughts, emotions and opinions so that I can translate them into an easy digital experience. My art follows the same pattern and my paintings are realisations of actual, and idealised, situations translated into a painted static frame. Whether a witnessed exchange, an emotion or an environment my paintings expose a particular moment in time for what it may, or may not, have been.

The paradox of my work is that sometimes visual aesthetics can hide ugly truths and I strive to make my work as beautiful as the human condition is complicated. Ultimately though, I’m searching for that exquisite authenticity of a given moment through geometry, composition and colour.

At secondary school and university I undertook both Art and Design, and have dedicated my whole career to these disciplines. I’ve worked both in Australia and overseas for over 20 years as a digital designer, and during this time I’ve always practiced art. I’ve painted colour-study portraits of my colleagues, co-created an installation for the Melbourne Design Festival, kept visual journals, and painted artworks for friends’ walls. I have always stayed particularly interested in abstract, expressionist, non-objective, and colourfield paintings from the early part of the last century – a natural extension of a designer’s grounding in the early design language of the Bauhaus.


2016    Tidy Mind / Punk Heart, Pop and Scott Showroom, Melbourne
2016    Small Works Prize, The Brunswick Street Gallery, Melbourne
2014    Belle Arti Prize, Chapman & Bailey, Melbourne (See the Belle Arti Instagram feed.)
2007    Beautiful View with Annette Wagner, Melbourne Design Festival, Melbourne


2015   Paintings displayed in house tour in Apartment Therapy online
2013   Poster art for Man About the House show, Melbourne Comedy Festival

Formal Training

The Art Room, Melbourne
CAE, Melbourne
The Art Academy, London
Swinburne National School of Design, Melbourne / Bachelor of Design (Graphic Design)
Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology
Sunraysia Institute